Think Tuscany is all about the Chianti and other grape products? Think again!

Italy may not be the first craft beer destination coming to mind for unique brews, and while the title at our blog hints at “Scary Halloween Beer”, we are not talking about this beautiful country’s hoppy brews in general, but one unforgettable drink in particular: The “Grinta”¬†Truffle Beer by Savini Tartufi.

Served in the Tuscan countryside with glorious views of vineyards and medieval villages, we thought: How bad can it be? Oh it was bad, really bad, so bad that we took a few bottles home just to share the experience with others who could not join into the shock of a beer that smelled like a pair of sneakers after a marathon race and probably matched the taste too (not that anyone would ever try eating a tennis shoe). And in our humble opinion, the taste was worse than the smell.

Beer review website features mixed reviews, but from iNSIDE EUROPE we anonymously nominate “Grinta” as THE SCARIEST HALLOWEEN BEER EVER.

Whether you are a truffle lover or not, we dare you to give this beer a try next time you are in Italy and let us what you think? A great place to shop for specialty beers is usually a smaller neighborhood delicatessen.

Want to watch an actual tasting? Check Beer Bear Reviews on youtube.
Make sure to NOT let your kids read the comments, tho.


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