Wanderlust is in our genes

Any iNSIDE EUROPE experience is crafted for travelers, by travelers.

We ensure everyone in your party feels welcome, has a great time and most importantly, stays safe. Our travelers stay in places personally inspected and individually matched, and they indulge at restaurants, cafes and bars worthy of a re-visit.

Our team, one of the best traveled in the industry, is multilingual and we combine diverse interests and strengths. We are true destination experts, all share the love for traveling, and offer the highest level of care.

Collaboration amongst the team, and with key partners is vital to craft unique, dynamic and personalized travel experiences.

Our promise to you, our clients, to travel better together is simple, yet hard to achieve for most: we live and learn about travel, professionally and personally. Wanderlust is, quite simply, in our genes.

  • Our Misson

    Travel Better Together

    The greatest moments in life are best when shared with friends or family.

    We take excellent care of you and yours iN Europe.

  • Our Values

    Every Moment Matters

    We are proud to be as unique as the experiences we are offering.

    By creating each journey anew for you and your passions, you make one-of-a-kind memories.

  • Our Culture

    People + Passion-Centric

    We love to travel together, for a myriad of reasons.

    And so should you, by experiencing Europe your way.

Meet Our Team (can we fix the crooked look?)

  • Sandra Weinacht

    Sandra Weinacht

    Founder -Foodie, Family + Concert Expert
  • Ted Keppler

    Ted Keppler

    Founder – Beer, Golf + Ski Expert
  • Thea


    Food + Animal Lover
  • Jennifer Cole

    Jennifer Cole

    Travel Advisor @NonstopTravel + Airfare Expert
  • Natalie Casso

    Natalie Casso

    Travel Advisor @NonstopTravel + Insurance Expert
  • Jon Tojal

    Jon Tojal

  • Stef + Massimo

    Stef + Massimo

  • The Concierge Team

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iNSIDE EUROPE innovates and personalizes affinity-group travel since it’s launch as a specialty boutique tour company in 2007.

We are passionate about what we do for your travelers and don’t cater to the masses.

We care by creating each experience anew for the actual travelers from a mystery honeymoon journey, to family and friends vacations, Catholic pilgrimages or musical experiences through iNCANTATO, and the addition of in-house destination management services, we are proud to be as unique as the experiences we are offering.

Collaboration is vital, with key partners, large or small, be it with tourism boards, both national and regional, and organizations whose mission we share, like Slow Food, or whose support benefits our clients, from the U.S. State department to entities receiving our guests.

Our team is one of the best-traveled in the industry — by choice, because that’s what true travel planning requires. Continuing education enables us stay on top of trends and new destination experiences.