It may be Oktoberfest time in Germany, but don’t forget that great wines are made in Germany, too. We agree with Forbes Travel Guide that Mosel, Rheinhessen and Baden, are three must-experience destinations for wine lovers, yet, as true Europe Insiders, we have to add a few more to this top list of German wine regions.

As huge fans of the Historic Highlights of Germany cities Freiburg, Mainz and Trier, we welcome the shout out from Forbes to Mosel, Rheinhessen and Baden, and yes, they produce some great wines and have lots to offer.

But why end it here? Let’s make this a top five list of German wine regions oenophiles must visit, in alphabetical order as with several members on team iNSIDE EUROPE that claim the wine from their home area is the best, we can’t do it any other way:

1) Baden

2) Mosel

3) Pfalz

4) Rheinhessen

5) Thüringen

We’ll elaborate more in the weeks to come.
Until then, we hope you have some German wine to enjoy and toast with.
Prost from iNSIDE EUROPE. Happy Wine Wednesday from all of us to all of you!

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