Whether you have been to Oktoberfest in Munich too many times to remember or this is your first time, there are some changes for the 2016 edition of the world’s greatest beer festival and here are our iNSIDE EUROPE TOP 3 TIPS to have a great time at Theresienwiese:

Oktoberfest 2016 TOP TIP #1:
– Leave your big bags at home, even better, come without any as bag checks are now in place as part of the new “Oktoberfest Sicherheitskonzept” (security procedures). There are storage areas around the beer fest grounds if you can’t come without luggage.

Oktoberfest 2016 TOP TIP #2:
– Dress up, not down. Yes, fall has arrived in Munich and after weeks of glorious sunny days, it is raining cats and dogs. However, your chances of getting past the bouncers at the more desirable tents if you look like a bum are almost zero. Ideally, sport a dirndl or lederhosen under your raincoat or poncho (locals have even made some XL trash bags work for them), but if you don’t have any traditional Oktoberfest gear than opt at least for a smart casual look rather than gym attire

Oktoberfest 2016 TOP TIP #3:
– Don’t come in crowds, but seize the opportunity to make new friends! Large groups are bound to wait in line for a long time or not get into any of the great tents at all. Split up in groups of two, hope for the best to find each other again later, and if not, you are sure to make new friends. Give the smaller tents a try, too. And last, but not least, be a “Frühaufsteher” — German term for someone getting up early — as the best time to get in to then tents at Theresienwiese, the iconic Oktoberfest grounds, is right when everything gets started, even more so on a weekday.

For more information, check the official Oktoberfest website and also the Oktoberfest shop for great souvenirs!

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