Halloween iN Europe: It all began in Ireland

iNSIDE EUROPE Halloween experiences iN EuropeReady for the spookiest day of the year?
How about a haunted pub tour iN Ireland, a gathering of ‘witches’ iN Spain or a getting scared at a castle iN Portugal?

Halloween 2017 is here and while its surely a HUGE celebration in the U.S., it all began iN Ireland a long long long time ago.

Do you know how Halloween is celebrated in its country of origin, Ireland, and how some of the most important traditions came into being? Many great reads about the topic of Halloween can be found here, on the official Ireland Tourism website. Learn what the Irish love to eat on Halloween, be amazed by the spookiest ghost stories or embark on a virtual visit to Ireland’s most haunted pub.

And there is more: Halloween is celebrated in many of our iNSIDE EUROPE destinations. Have a look at the following stories compiled by Europe Insider Daniela Kammermeier, our current intern from Germany at the East Coast office:

  • Halloween iN Germany is still a relatively new thing. The celebrations started only in the late ’90s and it is still not a big deal. However, it is about to become more and more popular among children. “Süßes oder Saueres!” is what the kids say in Germany instead of “Trick or Treat”. Süßes translates to sweets and Saueres means sour. Curious to learn more about Halloween traditions made and celebrated iN Germany? Have a look here at young-germany.de.
  • Even less of a big deal is Halloween iN Austria.  The Seelenwoche (All Saints Week) is a bigger deal in the mostly Catholic country. However, as the Halloween-centric website Jackolanterns.net points out, it is tradition for some Austrians to leave water and bread on the table, plus a lamp on before going to bed on October 31.
  • Halloween is better known as “El Dia de las Brujas” (Day of the Witches) iN Spain. Some Spanish regions have put their own stamp on American Halloween on the Iberian peninsula.  Take a virtual journey through the different regions and learn about the respective adapted Halloween traditions here on Spainattractions.es.
  • iN Portugal, it seems Halloween is mostly about going out to costume parties and getting scared. For example, the beautiful town of Sintra invites Halloween enthusiasts to join the “Haunted House Project” – taking place in a castle. Click on Trendestination.com for seven other scary Halloween experiences in Portugal.
  • Carnevale iN Italy resembles Halloween in many ways?  This cultural event similar to Mardi Gras is celebrated in the period before Lent, and while it is all about dressing-up and having a great time, it’s less about scaring others than outshining them with costumes. Nevertheless, Halloween is celebrated in Italy, find out how on lifeinitaly.com.
  • iN France, they hit two bird with one stone this time of the year: French children learn a lot about American Halloween traditions and their teachers use this cultural highlight as an opportunity to expand their English vocabulary. More on this topic and at what other times people in France dress up is shared by Frenchtoday.com.

Happy Halloween from iNSIDE EUROPE!

p.s. Don’t worry if you are missing out on HALLOWEEN iN Europe 2017, as it is not too early to plan for 2018 and beyond. There are lots of spooky experiences year around like Dublin’s Ghost Bus Tour or how about sleeping in haunted hotel?

We hope you enjoyed our very first iNSIDE EUROPE SCOOP. More to come.


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Grüß Gott, I am Daniela, a to-the-core Bavarian, who was raised in a tiny Bavarian village nearby Regensburg, but lives in Munich now. At the moment, I am interning at iNSIDE EUROPE from September to December 2017 and couldn’t be more excited to be part of this wonderful team.