iN Heidelberg: Germany’s most romantic city

The town lay, stretched along the river, its intricate cobweb of streets jeweled with twinkling lights. Behind the castle swells a dome-shaped hill, forest-clad, and beyond that a nobler and loftier one. The Castle looks down upon the compact brown-roofed town; and from the town two picturesque old bridges span the river. I have never enjoyed a view which had such a satisfying charm about it as this one gives.”- Mark Twain

Heidelberg is a featured iNSIDE EUROPE destination that will capture your heart.
World-famous and a member of the Historic Highlights of Germany  – a network representing 17 of the best alternative cities for short breaks and itineraries – it is a favorite among international travelers. The city has so much to offer: charm and character in abundance between the Old Bridge and the impressive castle ruins, an unparalleled choice of culture and entertainment, hearty yet heavenly cuisine and an enchanting setting nestled between the Neckar river and the foothills of the Odenwald forest. It is no surprise the acclaimed university town was also one of the key inspirations for the poets and painters of German Romanticism. Heidelberg’s Old Town was well preserved over the last centuries and is very easy to discover by foot through one of Germany’s longest pedestrian areas. In between the most beautiful monuments and churches, you’ll find exclusive boutiques, cozy student pubs, breweries, wine bars and many more inviting places for a nice break.

One definite highlight are the ruins of Heidelberg Castle situated high above the city. The ruins are easy to access, you can either walk up the hill or simply take the comfortable funicular railway. From above, you enjoy a wonderful view over the river, the forested hills and the city. For centuries, the castle was the residence for the prince electors until French troops ransacked and destroyed it in the late 17th century. After it was rebuilt, the castle was struck by lightning. In the 19th century, the ruins of the castle became a symbol of German Romanticism and a mecca for travelers from around the world.

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