Postcard from Ireland: F.X. Buckley iN Dublin

Postcard from Ireland: F.X. Buckley iN Dublin

We are often asked, “What souvenir should I get?” Sandra’s answer: “Edible Ones!”

Not your typical souvenir shop. Photo credit: Denise Jans on Unsplash


The most unusual ‘edible souvenir’ I ever brought back from any trip was from this butcher shop: F.X. Buckley iN Dublin. As you may have already guessed, I purchased a local specialty and took it with me, on the plane, in my carry-on.

I brought racks of Irish lamb back, not to the U.S., but to Germany.
Not my idea, but a good one indeed since this was a quick inspection visit with little to no team to indulge. Who says no to a wish from the parent who raised foodie-me in the first place – especially when the request comes with a dinner invitation of said edible souvenir as the star protein?
“Can you please vacuum pack the lamb for me and include an ice-pack?” The butcher at F.X. Buckley was a man of few words but nodded in agreement. “Lambs don’t usually fly, you know”, he added with a smirk.
Now thinking that “lamb souvenir” is a thing, the security staff at DUB airport didn’t even flinch when the rack showed up on the baggage X-ray! Guess I wasn’t the first and probably won’t be the last.

Moral of the story, make sure to allow for plenty of time to savor Irish specialties when onsite because bringing fresh meat back to the U.S. is NOT allowed.

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