Postcard from Italy: Pompeii Archeological Park

Postcard from Italy: Pompeii Archeological Park
Capture of Pompeii Archelogical Park by Andy Holmes on Unsplash
Capture of Pompeii Archelogical Park by Andy Holmes on Unsplash

Pompeii, aka the Pompeii Archeological Park, is located on a plateau formed by the Vesuvius volcano’s lava flow. The city dominated the valley around the Sarno River, the delta of which hosted a busy port. 
Information about the origins of the city are uncertain. The oldest available traces date back to the 7th-6th Centuries BC, when the first tuff walls, called pappamonte, were built to enclose an area of 63.5 hectares. A mixed population of Etruscans, Greeks and other Italic peoples led to the city’s development. 

For more information on Pompeii, take a look at or visit the website of the Pompeii Archeological Park.

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