Travel Better Together

 For us, the tiniest moments matter.

We are Matchmakers + Storytellers!

As travelers, life-long foodies, parents, wine + beer lovers, and European destination experts, we ensure that everyone in your party will make memories that last iN Europe.
Feel welcomed, safe and at ease visiting beautiful places that we cannot wait to return to.

There are so many great stories to tell: Of beautiful destinations, epic experiences, and the wonderfully passionate people.
Of course, we can’t forget the food + drinks!

Explore with iNSIDE EUROPE, follow your passions, with the people you like…(y)our way.

We’ve been there… now it’s your turn!
Let’s craft your next travel story! 

Inside Europe in the News

  • Feel Welcomed

    Travel like a local, with the locals!

    We take you to beautiful destinations we cannot wait to return to: big cities, small towns or hidden gems. Visit what’s on your bucket list, and more, as we share some of our favorite spots along the roads less traveled.

  • Bon Appetit!

    From Street Food to Michelin Star

    We are foodies at iNSIDE EUROPE! Make sure to come hungry and with an open mind to discover authentic, regional cuisine. Eat what you love, try local specialties, get the recipe for a new favorite dish. What are you in the mood for?

  • Personalized Experiences

    Follow your Passions iN Europe

    Every journey is crafted anew with curated, personalized experiences for you, our actual travelers. Enjoy what you love iN Europe, with the people you like. From going on a run in the morning to taking a cooking class or racing a Formula 1 car.

  • Peace of Mind

    Collect Moments, Make Memories

    Experience expertise and care throughout your journey. Leave the logistics and worries to us. Our hosts are your traveling concierge, guide, translator… We offer professional photography services, too! Enjoy every moment, make memories to last a lifetime.

  • Our Mission

    Travel Better Together

    The greatest moments in life are best when shared with friends or family.

    We take excellent care of you and yours iN Europe – and strongly believe that exceptional travel experiences are within reach for most.

  • Our Values

    Every Moment Matters

    We are proud to be as unique as the experiences we are offering.

    By creating each journey anew for you and your passions, you make one-of-a-kind memories.

  • Our Culture

    People + Passion-Centric

    We love to travel together, for a myriad of reasons…

    and so will you, by experiencing Europe your way – with family and/or friends! Eat, drink, and most importantly, enjoying the time spent together.

  • Our Approach

    We are Matchmakers

    As true Europe destination experts, we ensure that you feel welcomed and safe while experiencing and soaking in the beauty and wonder of it all. In addition to places on your bucket list, we recommend taking the roads less traveled, too. Travel like a local, with the locals! You will not be disappointed!

    Let's connect
  • (Y) Our Experiences

    Eat, Drink, Ski, Golf, Sing?

    All iNSIDE EUROPE experiences are crafted one journey at a time with one-of-a-kind moments, focusing on one or all of your interests. Is it 5 star restaurants, street food, sports, being a part of a beautiful symphony or drinking until your liver needs a detox? Tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll make it happen!

    What's Your Passion?
  • "An unbelievably great vacation: full of expertise and personal touches!"

    Jenne + Eric Schwarz
  • "An iNSIDE EUROPE tour is like traveling with the perfect companion."

    Lynne Cooper
  • "No other tour company can match the care, professionalism and experience creation like iNSIDE EUROPE."

    Scott Melvin
  • "No words can express how thankful I am for all you did to make Ireland a trip of a lifetime."

    Lindsay Price

–Innovative    –Personal    –Passionate    –Caring

iNSIDE EUROPE innovates affinity-group travel since its launch as a specialty boutique tour company in 2007. Our team is one of the best-traveled in the industry, by choice, because that’s what true travel planning requires. Continuing education enables us to stay on top of trends and new destination experiences.

Each experience is created personally from a mystery honeymoon journey, to family and friends vacations, Catholic pilgrimages or musical experiences through iNCANTATO.

We are passionate about what we do for our travelers. Collaboration is vital, with key partners, large or small, be it with tourism boards, (both national and regional), and organizations whose mission we share. One of them being Slow Food whose support benefits our clients, from the U.S. State department to entities receiving our guests.

We care and are exceptionally proud to be as unique as the experiences that we are offering.

  • Our Travel Love Story

    It started at Oktoberfest

    iN 2002, we, Sandra + Ted, proud founders of iNSIDE EUROPE, met iN Munich, Germany – traveling, during Oktoberfest.
    Our backgrounds – Ted is an engineer and Sandra is a journalist by trade, but already a travel professional for years. This match could not have been more different, but it wouldn’t be a travel love story had it not all worked out…

    Fast forward five years and countless journeys back and forth between Europe and the US. Together with an incredible team of caring, passionate travelers from all walks of life, we launched our boutique travel company in 2007, just a year before our daughter was born.

    With great people at our U.S. offices, and at key destinations iN Europe, we empower our clients to ‘Travel Better Together’.

  • Countless Memories

    5,000+ Happy Travelers!

    Since 2007, over 5,000 happy travelers from the United States, Canada and Japan have experienced hundreds of destinations across Europe with us – their way!

    We are matchmakers between our destinations and your passions and lifestyle, sharing the common goal to ‘Travel Better Together’.

    Our journeys are as unique as you and yours. They range from family and friend getaways, culinary journeys, golf or ski trips, to performance tours, pilgrimages and anything in between.

    We specialize in group travel, because the greatest moments in life are best when shared with family and friends. 

  • Our Promise to You

    One-of-a-kind Memories

    We help you to creating unforgettable memories that live on forever, by thinking outside the box, always.

    iNSIDE EUROPE offers all the perks of group travel, but breaks through the stereotypes with innovative, dynamic and personalized services that are affordable.

    Our travelers thoroughly enjoy taking the roads less traveled and sharing magical moments exclusive to them.

    Want to dive and explore an underwater-aged-wine iN Spain? How about that for a one-of-a-kind memory?

Every iNSIDE EUROPE experience is created anew.
There is never a set itinerary, because our journeys are as unique as you and yours.

Wanderlust is iN our Genes

Experiences for Travelers, by Travelers.
Our US- and European team is multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-faceted – just like our journeys! We are travel experts with proven expertise coming from all walks of life.

We are travelers.

We believe that the journey is just as important as the destination. We love to share magical places and moments that we’ve come across on our countless journeys.

We believe in people.

Our iNSIDE EUROPE team brings together people from all walks of life. Professional travelers, journalists, chefs, hoteliers, educators, artists, parents, priests… all sharing the passion for travel. We all have a common goal to welcome our travelers iN their neighborhoods, homes, kitchens, churches, ateliers or wherever our paths cross.

We’ve been there.

There is no degree of separation when traveling with us. We have been where we take you and don’t hesitate to name places that are most- favored or places that we prefer to never see again.

Our Team + Passions

It takes a village to create one-of-a-kind travel experiences. While we can't introduce everyone here, we appreciate our many local hosts and partners equally. We'd love for them to say Hello to you, our travelers, prior to arrival. We all share a deep passion for travel. Meet our team:

Our Destinations + Partners

Collaboration and continuing educations is key to us.

Travel Better Together.

iN 2018 alone, we logged over 750,000 miles, stayed in 101+ hotels and ate at over 200 restaurants – even our 10-year old has airline Platinum status.

Most importantly, we created and shared countless memorable experiences with our travelers, destination partners, friends and family!



ACHTUNG! Our iNSIDE EUROPE stories will evoke Vorfreude and Wanderlust. Whet your appetite and thirst! Reach out or ask your travel advisor to contact us should the symptoms prompt serious travel planning...


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