An Inside Europe tour is like traveling with a perfect companion.

A more adventurous friend who entices you out of your comfort zone and toward unique local experiences. Or, if you are an adventurer, a kindred spirit with the insider knowledge to score soccer tickets, a seat at the bullfight, or a midnight table in the tavern where the Flamenco is a flame, not a ‘show.’ And ohhh the food …!

— Lynne Cooper, La Cañada, CA

Lynne knows best what traveling with us is like. She explored Spain with her family and friends in 2014.

Casual Luxury Travel

Where “Let’s all go to Europe” is actually a great idea.
You decide who’s coming along! 

Inside Europe is for…

  • Passionate People

    Happy, curious, active individuals, seekers of the unique and different — not your typical tourists.

    Travelers who want to go deeper and make meaningful connections with the destinations they are visiting — through the people who call Europe home.

  • Lovers of Finer Things

    One-of-kind European art, design & architecture, splurge-worthy boutique hotels and authentic eateries from food trucks to Michelin-star restaurants, glorious sunsets, sunrises or both.

    Travelers who like to take it all in, one magical moment at time — while supporting the local community and small family-owned businesses.

  • Most of all:

    Friends & Families

    That’s right, we specialize in helping groups of friends and families travel together. And, we don’t do it the typical way. We’ve been there and absolutely know what it’s like to travel in Europe with a bunch of people. We’d never sign up for a standard group tour either. That’s why in 2007, we started Inside Europe. Our travelers benefit from all the perks of traveling together, but without ever being herded like cattle or having to eat tourist food in tourist hotels. We’ll get you great tables for 10 or 200 in the best local restaurants, plus suite deals in luxury hotels. And that’s just the beginning.

Inside Europe featured in the News

We specialize in casual luxury travel for groups of friends and families

Experience an unforgettable, relaxing vacation in Europe —  with the people you like. We plan it all: Saving you time, stress, and money.

Where to? Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, the UK, Croatia or Malta? That list could go on and on. We’ve been everywhere we’re taking you, and not just once.

Your European vacation should be as unique as you and your inner circle. That’s why we create every journey anew for our actual travelers: Your interests, passion and style set the agenda.

We call BLUFF on “group tours for people that don’t go on group tours” or “value-packed” “best of” “small group” and “my way” European tours with set departure dates across the continent — those are all pre-packaged, set itineraries. We’d never go on one of these unless you’d pay us for it. Fun fact: all of our Inside Europe hosts have previously worked for those big tour companies and we keep wondering why their one-size-fits-all model is still around today. “If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium” premiered in 1969 and shockingly not much has changed in the group tour industry since — no matter what it sounds like on paper.

However, we do agree that just like other great moments in life, travel is better together.

Even more so, if you chose who’s coming along for the ride. Then, the vacations moments shared as you devour Buccatini All’Amatriciana in Rome or set anchor with your private yacht in crystal clear waters on a hard to pronounce authentic Greek island cove will become great memories. That’s why we specialize in existing groups: families, friends, company outings — we’ll even turn your church’s pilgrimage into an unforgettable experience that’s as enriching as it’s instagramable.

We don’t just travel for a living, we live travel. Lonely Planet just named the ‘Las Letras’ neighboorhood of Madrid one of THE places to be in 2023. We’ve been visiting for two decades and counting. Our team’s one of the best traveled in the happy industry of hospitality.

We’ve been where you’re traveling — again and again.

  • Charming medieval villages, epic culinary experiences, and passionate local hosts.

    Don’t just sightsee, but sight-sleep!
    Wake up in a French palace of the Belle Epoque, to the smell of freshly baked croissants topped with the Countess’ homemade strawberry jam. Channel your inner Rapunzel as you let your hair down from the tower suite of your German castle home. Or be lulled to sleep port ‘fumes’ while tucked into bed inside an XXL Portuguese wine barrel.

  • Amazing food and sip-worthy drinks!

    Score the coveted chef’s table at Michelin-star restaurants or munch on local street food from Nuremberg brats to Neapolitan pizza. Watch the sunset over the Eiffel Tower with a glass of Veuve Olivier (everyone knows Cliquot) in hand — as you glide along the Seine on a private yacht and make new friends. Or sing and dance the night away cheering with beer steins and wine glasses chanting “Sweet Caroliiiiiine” for the umpteenth time at the Kiliani beer festival in Würzburg, Germany. Think of it as Oktoberfest in July, without the crowds — and even Silvaner by the glass or bottle.

    Eat it all or gotta be careful? We’ve got you.

We have been there – with friends and the whole family. Let’s craft your next vacation with your inner circle!

Bringing the kids — or the grandparents?
Our local Inside Europe hosts — your concierges traveling alongside –, will gladly watch them for a much needed night out.

  • “Inside Europe made our vacation so full and honestly, unbelievable. As we’ve told the stories and memories of our amazing trip to others, they are in awe. From the local quaint niche places to dine, to the grand experiences with a VIP touch. We can’t wait to utilize the Inside Europe team again… Their expertise and personal touch is a balance that so few can find!”


We specialize in group travel, because the greatest moments in life are best when shared with family and friends. 

  • Leave the worries to us

    Enjoy magical moments, collect lifetime memories

    Planning an incredible European vacation is easy? For us it is. Experience unparalleled destination expertise and superior care throughout your journey. Think of us as your seasoned travel companions who got your back, always. When you leave the logistics and worries to us, you’ll get to enjoy every moment of your vacation and make memories to last a lifetime. We’ll snap your family pic for a Christmas card that’ll make everyone jealous.

  • Your vacation is personal

    Travel in style: Following your interests & passions

    We create every journey anew with highly personalized and expertly curated experiences for you, our actual travelers. See what’s on your European bucket list and then some — with the people you like and enjoy being around. From sunrise yoga with a view of the Eiffel Tower to racing a Formula 1 car on Italy’s iconic tracks in Monza or Imola.

  • Feel Welcome & Safe

    We've been there: Travel like a local, with locals!

    We take you to beautiful European destinations we cannot wait to return to: big cities, small towns or hidden gems. Visit what’s on your bucket list, and more. We’ll share favorite spots along the roads less traveled; magical places away from the crowds. Plus, you’ll have time for your very own serendipitous encounters. Don’t worry if you get lost. We got an app for that — as long as your phone’s charged. 

  • Come hungry + Thirsty

    Try it all or gotta watch out for some things?

    We are huge foodies, but get it that sometimes you can’t enjoy it all. Make sure to come hungry and we’ll take care of the rest. Indulge in authentic, regional and seasonal eats. Enjoy what you love, plus try local specialties — even if you’re a vegetarian or eat gluten-free. You may want to bring some stretchy pants and an extra bag for those edible souvenirs your friends back home can’t wait to try.

  • Our Culture

    People + Passion-Centric

    We love to travel together, for a myriad of reasons…

    and so will you, by experiencing Europe your way – with family and/or friends! Eat, drink, and most importantly, enjoying the time spent together.

  • Our Approach

    We are Matchmakers

    As true Europe destination experts, we ensure that you feel welcomed and safe while experiencing and soaking in the beauty and wonder of it all. In addition to places on your bucket list, we recommend taking the roads less traveled, too. Travel like a local, with the locals! You will not be disappointed!

    Let's connect
  • Our Values

    Every Moment Matters

    We are proud to be as unique as the experiences we are offering.

    By creating each journey anew for you and your passions, you make one-of-a-kind memories.

  • Our Mission

    Travel Better Together

    The greatest moments in life are best when shared with friends or family.

    We strongly believe that exceptional travel experiences should be within reach for most and that your vacation should be as unique as you and yours.

  • (Y) Our Experiences

    Eat, Drink, Ski, Golf, Sing?

    All iNSIDE EUROPE experiences are crafted one journey at a time with one-of-a-kind moments, focusing on one or all of your interests. Is it 5 star restaurants, street food, sports, being a part of a beautiful symphony or drinking until your liver needs a detox? Tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll make it happen!

    What's Your Passion?
  • "An unbelievably great European vacation -- full of expertise and personal touches!"

    Jenne & Eric Schwarz, Walnut Creek, CA
  • "An Inside Europe tour is like traveling with the perfect companion."

    Lynne Cooper, La Cañada, CA
  • "No other tour company can match the care, professionalism and experience creation like Inside Europe."

    Scott Melvin, Orange, CA
  • "No words can express how thankful I am for all you did to make Ireland a trip of a lifetime for our families."

    Lindsay Price, Huntington Beach, CA


We’ve been innovating affinity group travel since 2007.  Our team is one of the best-traveled in the industry. We love and live travel. Not just for work, but also during our free time. We also believe and invest in continuing education to stay on top of trends and new experiences.

Each experience is created anew and personalized for the travelers embarking on the journey.

We are passionate about what we do. Collaboration with key partners is a must, whether large or small, be it tourism boards, (both national and regional), and organizations whose mission we share.

We care about each and every traveler, and are exceptionally proud to be as unique as the experiences that we are offering.

Ready to talk travel?
Let’s get your journey started.

Thank your for your interest in getting to know Inside Europe. Rest assured your privacy is important to us and your information will never be shared with third parties. A member of our team will reach out ASAP to get the conversation started.
  • Meet at Oktoberfest in Germany, got married in Venice, Italy

    Our Travel Love Story

    In 2002, we, Sandra & Ted, met in Munich, Germany. It was love at first sight — for one us of us. Let’s just say opposites attract and alcohol was involved, too: A craft beer loving engineer from PA and a German gal from wine country who worked as a reporter for the Bundesliga, met at the world’s greatest beer fest.

    Fast forward five years, countless journeys back and forth between Europe and the US, and we finally tied the knot in Venice (not at the Venetian) in 2007.  That same year, we launched our boutique travel company in New York City with the mission to make group travel to Europe better. Originally called Incantato — which turned out to be almost impossible to pronounce –, we switched to Inside Europe Travel Experiences which sums up perfectly what our offering’s all about.

    Our daughter Thea was born a year later and the main reason we moved or family and the company down south. Combined, the three of us have traveled around the world at least twice and Thea’s been to her sixth continent before starting high school. Travel’s a family thing.

    With over 15 years in the happy industry of travel and 5,000+ raving clients, two offices in the US, one in Europe, plus a never-ending bucket list, we’ve made it our mission that our guests always travel better together. 

  • Countless Memories

    5,000+ Happy Travelers!

    Since 2007, over 5,000 happy travelers from the United States, Canada and Japan have experienced hundreds of destinations across Europe with us – traveling their way!

    We are matchmakers between our destinations and your passions and lifestyle, sharing the common goal to ‘Travel Better Together’.

    Our journeys are as unique as you and yours. They range from family and friend getaways, culinary journeys, golf or ski trips, to performance tours, pilgrimages and anything in between.

    We specialize in group travel, because the greatest moments in life are best when shared with family and friends. 

  • Our Promise to You

    You’ll make one-of-a-kind memories

    By thinking outside the box, always, we’ll help you create one-of-a-kind memories when traveling.

    We offers all the perks of group travel, but break through the stereotypes with innovative, dynamic and personalized services that are affordable — especially when shared among family or friends.

    With Inside Europe, you’ll explore what’s on your bucket list and then some.

    We’ll take you on the roads less traveled to experience magical moments exclusive to you.

    How about diving in the Cantabric sea for your very own barrel of underwater aged wine? Salud!

Every Inside Europe Travel Experience is created anew.
There’s never a set itinerary, because our journeys are as unique as you and yours.

Experiences for Travelers, by Travelers.

Our US- and European team is multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-faceted – just like our journeys! We are passionate caring travel experts with proven expertise coming from all walks of life.

We love and live travel.

We believe that the journey is just as important as the destination. We love to share magical places and unique experiences that we’ve come across on our countless journeys. But that’s just the beginning. Every journey we create is as unique as our travelers. And by designing your vacation around your interests, passion and travel-style, we’ll create one-of-a-kind memories that will last a lifetime. Make sure to free up storage on your phone. Our trips are incredibly photogenic.

We believe in people, not AI.

Our Inside Europe team brings together people from all walks of life: We are travel professionals by choice, but with backgrounds in a variety of other fields. And we proudly call on our local friends in our European destinations: fellow journalists, acclaimed chefs, hoteliers, teachers, artists, parents, priests… all sharing our passion for hospitality from within. Our common goal to truly welcome you in Europe: big cities, small towns, local neighborhoods, chefs’ kitchens, churches, ateliers or wherever your paths cross.

We’ve been there – again & again.

There is no degree of separation when you travel with Inside Europe. All aspects of your European vacation are personally vetted and carefully matched by a member of our team. Unlike others, we don’t outsource your journey to a third party handler known as DMO, DMC or inbound operator.  At Inside Europe, we’ve not only been where we take you, but also stay in constant contact with the partners you’ll encounter in Europe: hotels, restaurants, guides and even your drivers. We’ll share our favorites, but also warn you about places that we prefer to never see again.

Our Destinations & Partners

Collaboration and continuing educations is key to us.

Travel Better Together.

We live and love to travel, for you, for us.
In 2022, despite it being another tough year, we logged over 250,000 airlines miles, stayed in 50+ hotels and tested over 100 restaurants. Sandra and Thea visited their sixth continent. And oh the stories we can tell about traveling in 2023. We’re excited for 2024 and hope you’re too.

Most importantly, we resumed turning our travelers’ dreams into memories: By creating memorable one-of-a-kind experiences with our hosts, destination partners, friends and family!



ACHTUNG! Our iNSIDE EUROPE stories will evoke Vorfreude and Wanderlust. Whet your appetite and thirst! Reach out or ask your travel advisor to contact us should the symptoms prompt serious travel planning...

Ready to talk travel?
Let’s get your journey started.

Thank your for your interest in getting to know Inside Europe. Rest assured your privacy is important to us and your information will never be shared with third parties. A member of our team will reach out ASAP to get the conversation started.