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  • To start planning

    We connect

    Our editorial approach to travel requires conversations. We craft each experience anew, every time – making your journey personal and unique. We are matchmakers between beautiful destinations and curious people. However, we are not a fit for all.

  • Then

    We collaborate

    Unlike others, we create travel with no degree of separation – drawing from a rolodex of magical places and wonderful people, from countless journeys to both major sights and gems along the road less traveled. Collaboration is key. We have been where we take you.

  • Next

    You get excited

    Vorfreude, the joy of anticipation, is fostered through a unique, personalized and ever evolving shared storyboard that feeds your wanderlust leading up to the moment of arrival at your destinations iN Europe. Enjoy and leave the logistics to us.

  • And at last

    You make memories

    Sometimes the tiniest moments shared with family or friends are the most memorable, which is why we care about the whole spectrum, from great coffee in the morning to sunset views and night caps, plus everything that matters to you in between. Cheers & Bon Appetit!

Inside Europe in the News

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France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK, but also Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Ireland, Malta and Switzerland, plus the smaller countries in-between, all are part of our portfolio

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Your travel experience matters to us! Inside Europe is a family-owned boutique travel company with offices on the East and West Coast. The best way to reach us is via email to If you can share a bit more about yourself, you’ll give the planning a head start.

Tell us where iN Europe you want to go, when, with whom and most important why! Share your top destination(s) and best time to travel, so we know where to start. Or let us know about the experiences you are seeking and we can match your ideas to great places.

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