Curious for More: Norway Reads We Recommend!

Curious for More: Norway Reads We Recommend!

Curious to learn more about Norway and especially Trondheim and the Trøndelag region? We compiled a short list of recommended reads, from guide books to blog posts.

Moon Guide Norway is A Favorite!

David Nikel, author of Life in Norway, is a longtime resident of Trondheim and we can highly recommend Moon Norway!

Impressions from Trøndelag

Trondheim: A City of Contrasts

Travel Squire‘s Anne Kazel-Wilcox shares what makes Trondheim so special for her story Trondheim Norway’s City of Contrasts.

Terri drive a Reindeer Sleigh
or does the Sleigh drive Terri?

Driving Reindeer Sleigh in Roros
Terri Marschall did not just ride a Reindeer sleigh, she drove one!

In addition, do not miss out reading about Terri Marschall’s experience riding a Reindeer Sleigh on

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