In ITALY: Venice Away From the Crowds

In ITALY: Venice Away From the Crowds

Venice, Italy — Venezia, as the city is called in Italian – must be experienced away from the crowds to fully understand how magical this destination really is.
Venice will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s where Sandra and Ted were married. It’s where iNCANTATO’s first ever gondola concert became a reality for the Mater Dei Catholic High School Vocal Artists, and it’s where some of our favorite little restaurants and several sight-sleeping hotels are.

At iNSIDE EUROPE, we encourage our travelers to take the road less traveled, to see not just the major sights, but to linger a little longer, to venture into the neighborhoods, to make a true connection with the places visited — ideally with all senses!
This video captures the essence of all the above and so much more.

Credits + Copyright: Venezia from Oliver Astrologo on Vimeo

From the author:
“Much has been made about the wonders of Venice, but few ever venture deep enough across its less touristy, yet still historical hidden places.
Beyond hundreds of canals and a diverse architectural style, a secret facet of Venetian life lives on, in which the journey of hand crafting gondola wooden oars and loomed fabrics remains rooted in ancient folk traditions. This short film uncovers the secrets that have been handed down from father to son and projects you to the Venice that existed 500 years ago, immersing you in the extraordinary craftsmen’s veiled workshops that belong to a long lost era.
This project has been produced in partnership with René Caovilla, the master Venetian shoemaker who has overwhelmed the world with his creations.
This video is a homage to the city of Venice on behalf of René Caovilla –

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