Buon Pranzo: Our favorite bar for lunch in Rome’s Retrovino

Another wine bar, surprise, but Ed Sheeran agrees: The “Bar’s where I go”.
Don’t save THIS gem of a small but might local restaurant, as it may be a place you won’t just go once. I love to come for a late(r) lunch to RetroVino (aka the Bistro) to increase my chances of scoring one of the coveted tables — easier in the summer, as there’s additional seating outside. Getting in’s a bit harder in the winter. There’s that communal high top table in the middle of this wine bar coffee shop bistrorant, too.

Plus, you could also make a reservation online. Gotta love that one positive side effect of the Covid pandemic. A lot of places have become much more high tech and can finally be reserved online now. However, keep in mind that if your schedule changes, there’s often a no show fee that will be taking from your CC.

Retrobottega next door is the actual official dinner restaurant we’ve got yet to try. Too stuffed after lunch or just a few nibbles to ever make it there, plus Il Goccetto always calls my name.