Cin Cin: Italy vacations for wine and craft beer lovers

Red, White or Rosé? Still or sparkling? How about a Birra Artigianale?
With us, you’ll drink your way across Italy’s wine and beer regions, like a local, with the locals!
Craft beer lovers won’t be thirsty as La Bella Italia‘s not just a destination for wine drinkers.

Our favorite Enotecas or Birrerias are never far away. Incredible vistas from iconic rooftop bars are always complimentary. We’ll introduce you to liquid local treasures you’ve never heard of, but you’ll want to bring home for your friends to try. From Super-Tuscans to Malvasia, an Italian white that’s aged 15+ year in ancient cellars of the Frascati region. If you’re craving teen spirit in a bottle, give truffle beer a try.

Your taste always sets the agenda! A couple divided? Tell us about it. Thankfully, our favorite wine bars’ll always have a few craft beers in the fridge.

Curious to learn more? Our hosts’ll share great stories over many glasses of wine, from sparkling favorites Franciacorta all the way to Tuscan Vino Santo and other sweet(er) treats. Try well known and rare Italian grapes. Sample coveted vintages, meet famous or emerging winemakers, and if you’d like, you’ll also visit their terroir and cellars! Not into taking tours? No worries, if you’d rather just taste it all without the visit, we got you. With Inside Europe, you’ll discover what’s on your bucket list, and never follow a set itinerary.

Make sure come thirsty. Our “travel better together” promise is quite simple when it comes to our beer and wine experiences: We’ll make sure your glasses are always full, and can also help with shipping or packing your liquid souvenirs. Ted’s even figured out how to get a lot more than just two bottles per person by US customes — legally, that is. Cheers to that or Cin Cin as they say in Italy.