Buon Appetito: Eat like an Italian

Oh the stories our hips can tell — especially about Italy. Pizza, pasta, gelato are just the obvious to try, but La Bella Italia will tempt you with so much more: from Arancini rice balls — cripsy on the outside, gooey on the inside — to creamy Zuppa Inglese and anything in between. If you haven’t been to Italy, you’ve not eaten the good stuff. And if you love the Olive Garden, it was nice meeting you.

With us, you’ll eat like an Italian every day! Maybe not quite as much, unless you’d like to and brought some stretchy pants. Your typical Italian meal consists of Antipasto, Primo, Secondo, Cotorno or Cotorni, Formaggio and Dolce, that’s easily four courses, not counting crispy bread or focaccia, nor the greeting from the kitchen.

There’s no such thing as “Italian food”. What’s cooking in Rome shouldn’t be eaten in Florence or Venice. La Cucina Italiana is regional, seasonal, often incredibly personal, and should always be delicious — if you know what to eat where. Our hosts love to share not just their favorite restaurants, but also the must-eat dishes with you. We love to eat local at Inside Europe and authentic culinary experiences are what were known for.

Insider Tip: Unless you’re looking for sushi in Italy (and why would you>), don’t fall for restaurants that advertise with pictures or have someone standing outside to get you to come inside. Great eats speak for themselves, ideally via a blackboard that’s listing Piatti del Giorno, daily dishes.