Lola (Dolores)

My name is Lola, I am from Madrid and I will be your tour leader.
I travelled for first time to Italy when I was 15 years old, and I felt totally in love of the
country. I promised myself that I would come back when I grow up, and so I did.
When I finished my Master Degree in History and Art History I decided to study Italian
so I travelled to the Tuscany. I spent six months and the best Summer of my life in a
small village near Firenze.
In the last 20 years I have travel to Italy many times working as a tour leader and I have
deepened my knowledge of the country. I love the Italian Art, History, Roman
Mythology and of course the Gastronomy. When I am in Italy I cannot live without
eating pasta every day, like the Italians do!
I am looking forward to meeting you and guide you in one of my favorite countries.
See you in Italy !

Our Team