Spaghetti-Eis, Photography + History

Thea Weinacht Keppler is Inside Europe’s youngest team member — a freshmen in high school with a lot of travel experience already.

At just six weeks old, she traveled for the first time from the United States to Europe: Meeting the German side of the family as well as our European team. Thea visited ten countries before she was six months old, and has collected now 40+ passport stamps at 14. The tradition of visiting Germany to see family and now also friends continues each year. With Thea always find something new and explore the previously unknown.

Over the years, Thea has found favorite locations in most cities in Europe including restaurants, cafes, museums, sights, and more. She loves all destinations and countries equally, since every place has something different and unique to offer.


Favorite Destinations Germany, because that's where grandpa lives. And Kenya!

Last Place(s) Visited iN Europe: London, Germany and France.

Next on the Bucket List Egypt and Spain to ride an Andalusian.