Oh the Stories my Hips can Tell

Sandra Weinacht is the Co-Founder and President of Inside Europe Travel Experiences.

Traveling to new places and re-visiting beloved destinations, ideally with family and friends, eating uber-local, drinking Cava or Franciacorta, sometimes Champagne, preferably from a ‘Petite Maison’, or German Whites from Franconia, ‘flying’ across the autobahn with no speed limit or taking the roads less traveled along the Amalfi Coast in Italy or Alentejo, Portugal… — these are few of my favorite things.

Fittingly, my hashtag on Instagram is #ohthestoriesmyhipscantell. You can follow along on current and past journeys via @mytraveliciouslife and also our team account @europeinsiders.

Sandra in Paris (at Gare du Nord)

Sandra Weinacht

Favorite Destinations I have loved visiting every destination I got to visit for different reasons.

Last Place(s) Visited Europe! Plus Puerto Rico, Kenya + South Africa

Next on the Bucket List Germany + France iN March