Postcard from Burano: Venice’s most colorful Island

Postcard from Burano: Venice’s most colorful Island

When you visit Venice, try to stay a little longer!
There’s so much more to see and explore than just St. Mark’s and Rialto, the two most visited neighborhoods.

How about a day-trip to nearby Burano, the Venetian lagoon’s most colorful island?

Burano island’s traditional fishermen houses are painted in all colors of the rainbow and often ‘decorated’ with laundry air-drying. Best time to visit is in the mornings or late afternoons, as it gets crowded during lunchtime. Make sure to stroll away from the main canals and venture through small alleys into courtyards like the one pictured here.

Burano island may be best known for its lace-making tradition, but for us at Inside Europe, the true magic is finding little squares like this one.

For more impressions from colorful Burano island, take a look at our Venice stories on Instagram.

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