Summer 2021 in Europe: Travel, or stay home a little longer?

Summer 2021 in Europe: Travel, or stay home a little longer?

Europe, for a myriad of beautiful and tasty reasons, is our featured continent at Inside Europe — and that remains true in 2021 and beyond.

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Summer 2021 in Europe?

However, for most of our North-American travelers, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal and France, to name just a few of (y)our favorites, have been almost impossible to visit since the spring of last year. Without going too deep into ever-changing travel restrictions as well as country-specific entry requirements, the big question is: Should you plan for summer 2021 travel to Europe, or stay home a little longer?

Our answer as of right now, in late April of 2021, concerning summer 2021 travel to Europe is keep on dreaming, while we take a close look first. The New York Times, like others, reported that European travels are likely for vaccinated Americans, however not clear date nor details been communicated, yet.

In the coming months, both our US-based team members as well as our European colleagues are starting to venture back to Europe (or crossing nearby borders if already based on the continent) — as we are fully vaccinated, and certain countries are re-opening. We will be wearing our masks, keep physical distances, take tests if required, and complete entry/health forms.

We are off traveling to Europe again

Greece is the first European destination, I, Sandra, will be re-visiting in May of 2021 –on an official familiarization tour hosted by Travel Trade Athens 2021, but also venturing out on my own.
What’s it like to be traveling to the Greek islands? Which monuments and attractions are open in or around Athens? Which new protocols are in place at Greek hotels, restaurants, for plan or cruise travel?

And after exploring Crete, Santorini and also Greece’s capital city Athens, checking in with hotel partners, meeting chefs and restaurants owners as well as Inside Europe local guides and hosts, plus transportation partners, the second European destination 2021 is also a place I called home for half of my life: Germany.

Hopefully, that May 2021 visit to Europe is just the beginning — made possible or earlier for those of holding E.U. passports, however soon likely within reach for our North American travelers, too.

Italy, Spain, Portugal and France, possibly Malta are currently on the schedule for June. Likely Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, too.

Ted, our UK and Ireland specialist, is planning to travel to Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as the Republic of Ireland over the summer.

Over the course of the last year, while still working diligently on behalf of all our 2020 travelers, obtaining and issuing refunds or credits, plus supporting everyone’s travel insurance claims, our team kept in close contact with all our featured destinations: via e-conferences, virtual trade shows, and also emails and phone calls. We listened to countless webinars, seminars and read newsletter after newsletter update — as so many others in our industry.

Seeing is believing in 2021 more than ever

Do you agree that only seeing is believing? Traveling regularly to our destinations is one of our credos here at Inside Europe. We always have been to the places our travelers go to — and not just once! Because as much as everyone wishes for everything being back to “normal”, the reality is that this not going to be happening anytime soon.

Over the last year, Covid-19 measures and protocols have been installed, at hotels, in restaurants, at museums, attractions, etc — and while countries are re-opening for travel, these new rules and guidance measures for everyone’s protection need to be followed! With that said, we are hopeful that just like in parts of the Caribbean or Mexico, the so-called “new normal” of reopening 2021 travel within European destinations is something to look forward to.

Inspiration through Collaboration

We also hope that through our travels to Greece and within Greece, to name just the first of many destinations we are re-visiting, and through close collaboration with national, regional and local tourism authorities, we get a better idea as to how summer travel 2021 in Europe is shaping to be.

If you are as excited as we are about traveling again soon, here are a few of our favorite Greek and German Instagram accounts to follow in the meantime:

Candid European Travel Updates are Coming

As always (not everything has changed), count on candid updates first via our social media outlets, especially through Instagram stories via @Europeinsiders as well as @MyTraveliciouslife, on our Facebook pages, but also snippets here on our website and in-depth stories in our newsletter.

We LOVE + LIVE Travel

We don’t just love to travel here at Inside Europe, we live travel — and we can’t wait to share both “old” and new favorite experiences with you, be it in the coming summer of 2021, the fall and winter, or next year.

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We love + live travel!

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