Buena Notte: Why just sight-see when you can sight-sleep, too!

Sweet Italian dreams are made of these: Historic palaces, charming castles, boutique or contemporary design hotels. We’ve slept where you’ll be tugged in for the night — alongside other travelers who value a good night. Our Italian sight-sleeping collection’s as unique as Italy’s many regions.

If location’s key, Hotel Brunelleschi in the heart of Florence’s been one of our top recommendation — long before the family-owned boutique hotel made the coveted Condé Nast Reader’s Choice List.

And that’s just one of many examples of hidden gems we find for our travelers on our discovery journeys. We’ve been where you’re going and take pride in personal relationships with not just the hotel’s sales team, but also the concierges and front desk staff. Your benefit: complimentary upgrades, not just a welcome drink, but a bottle of your preferred wine or bubbles in the room, early check-in or late check out.

Feel like splurging? Getting you a killer deals on a special suite dreams stay is part of the Inside Europe experience. Just because you travel with family or friends doesn’t mean you can’t do you.